New Year! New Culinary Challenges!


I hope everyone has had a wonderful New Year so far!!!

I personally have been spending alot of time with family relaxing/recovering from the hectic holidays and am ready to get back into the rhythm of things.  And what better way to get back into the rhythm is by a new set of culinary challenges!

So, through several reenacting sites I'm a part of, I came across this foodways challenge for 2019.  It's called "Historical Food Fortnightly".  Every two weeks there is a different historic foodways challenge to fulfill.  Now it's something that you can choose to do as few or as many as you desire.  I'm personally hoping to complete all the challenges by the end of the year.

If you'd like all the information about this particular challenge, either for curiosity's sake or because you wish to try it yourself (and if you do let me know how it goes!), here's the blog post link I got my information from!   

But the main jist of the challenge is to find a historical receipt (preferably something previous to the 1960s) that coincides with the challenge of that fortnight.  Then you cook that recipe/receipt and write about how it went, how it tasted, and the cost/time it took to cook that particular dish.  You can write it on your own blog, like I will, or post it on the Facebook page already set up for the challenge.  And these are the topics for each fortnight.

Historical Food Fortnightly Challenge

Jan 1-14-New Year's: A new year, a new era, a new receipt, or a food intended for New Year's.
Jan 15-28- Looking Back: Improve upon (or try an alternate version of) a previous challenge, or a recipe you are already comfortable with.
Jan 29-Feb 11 Soup: Stews and broths are also welcome.
Feb 12- Feb 25- Love & Romance: Sickeningly sweet, heart-shaped, a dish you love, or something associated with the 19th century Romantic movement. The most tenuous the connection to Valentine's Day, the better.
Feb 26- March 11- Indulgence: A dish associated with Mardi Gras, or an ingredient that is 'indulgent' for you.
March 12-March 25- Easy as Pie: Find a receipt that seems straightforward, and/or is a pie.
March 26- April 8- Faux Food: Celebrate April Fool's Day with a food pretending to be something else.
April 9-April 22- Abstinence: Lenten foods, temperance alternatives, or receipts reflecting scarcity.
April 23 -May 6- Savory:  A savory dish, with or without 'savory' herbs.
May 7-20 Literary: A dish mentioned in a work of literature.
May 21- June 3- Floral: A dish named for, shaped like, flavored with, or decorated in flowers.
June 4- 17- Picnic Food: For travel or eating outside.
June 18- July 1- Solstice: Try an astronomical or astrologically themed recipe.
July 2-July 15- Ice: A food made with ice, icing, iced fruits, etc.
July 16 - July 29- Revolutionary: A revolutionary recipe, technique, ingredient, or a recipe from a revolutionary time.
July 30-Aug 12- Preserves: Preserve seasonal produce, or make a dish which calls for preserved ingredients.
Aug 13- Aug 26- Harvest: Make a food associated with harvest-time, try another way of preserving food, or make something seasonable for late summer.
Aug 27-Sept 9- Eat Your Veggies: Make a vegetable-based, -themed, or -shaped dish.
Sept 10-Sept 23- Balance: Make a dish that is somehow 'balanced' for the fall (or spring) equinox.
Sept 24-Oct 7- Saucy: Make a sauce, gravy or dressing.
Oct 8-Oct 20- Beverages: Make something to drink.
Oct 21-Nov 4- Fear Factor: Try something a little scary--an intimidating recipe, a new technique or a 'spooky' food.
Nov 5-Nov 18- Remember, Remember: A recipe that has minimal instructions or tells you to "make in the usual fashion."
Nov 19-Dec 2- Take a Break: Foods meant to be broken, and/or bread.
Dec 3-Dec 16- Waste Not, Want Not: Historic recipes for leftovers.
Dec 17- Dec 31- Obsolete: End the year with a recipe, ingredient or technique that has been superseded by modern practices. Bread trenchers? Cake without baking soda? Aspic?

So I'm very excited about this challenge!  And I hope to be able to do all 26 of them!

So keep a look out for the "Historical Fortnight" posts to come this year!


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