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HFF #7: "An Herb Pye for Lent"

An Herb Pye for Lent Take Lettice, Leeks, Spinage, Beets, and Parsley, of each a Handful, give them a boil, then chop them small, and have ready boiled in a Cloth one Quart of Groats, with two or three Onions in them, put them in a Frying Pan with the Herbs, and a good deal of Salt, a Pound of Butter, and a few Apples cut thin, stew them a few Minutes over the Fire, fill your Dish or raised Crust with it; One Hour will bake it, then serve it up. Raffald, Elizabeth. The Experienced English House-keeper.  (Manchester, 1769) Pg. 134-135
It's been a few weeks but I'm catching up!
This pie in particular I was skeptical about, even after watching the Townsend video on it.  A pie with boiled lettuce and oatmeal?  It seems quite strange.  But I found that I was pleasantly surprised!

First I gathered the ingredients listed.  Lettuce, spinach, leeks, parsley, swiss chard (in substitution for beet greens), an apple and an onion.

I then chopped up the lettuce, spinach, leeks, parsley, and s…

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