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HFF Challenge #4 and #5! A Two For One Deal!

So, sadly, I missed finding a recipe for the previous fortnight challenge.  The whole family (at different times) was down with the cold from *beep*, which made me thankful for all the extra Mulligatawny soup I had in the fridge.  But, by the time the last sniffles and coughing fit ceased, it was well past a week from the due date of the previous challenge.  
But, not one to be thwarted easily, I thought to myself why not do something "indulgent" and something that we "love"!  And, more particularly, why not do a recipe that the love of my life has been requesting for some time now...  
And not just any donuts,more specifically, the donuts made by the Salvation Army Donut Girls during WWI.  He's been on a real WWI/WWII research kick and has requested this for some months now.  So, what better time to do them!  And, honestly, who doesn't LOVE donuts!
So, after a little bit of research I found an original recipe from the Salvation Army dated for WW…

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